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initiative of rights owners creating metadata standards for e-commerce

      interoperability of data in e-commerce systems
<indecs> Framework Ltd

putting metadata to rights


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<indecs> Framework Ltd is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, established by the partners in the <indecs> project to fulfil the sole task of owning the valuable intellectual property rights created during the project. We are very keen to encourage well-formed metadata initiatives based on the <indecs> analysis. The company has not been constituted to limit the application of the lessons learned during the project; however, the partners agreed that the establishment of the company was essential both to own the IPRs and to avoid their potential misuse.

There are already several projects underway where it is possible to see <indecs> in action. <indecs> Framework will continue to encourage the development of new <indecs>-based projects, and will be pleased to hear from anyone interested in making use of any aspect of the work.
Please email us.

THERE IS NOW AVAILABLE a white paper about <indecs> rdd which is the follow up to the <indecs> project.

The members of <indecs> Framework Ltd are:

Kopiosto, CAL, Editeur, IFPI, MUZE Inc. and IDF


TM Framework Ltd
putting metadata to rights